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The BaptistInfo Church Directory is a free list of unaffiliated Independent Baptist Churches around the world. Search the directory using the Google search tool at the bottom of this page, or CLICK HERE to select a State and City from the BaptistInfo Church Directory Map. You can also purchase and download the entire list of churches (the BaptistInfo Database). PURCHASING INFO.

Welborn's Illustrated Bible

Everyone needs the Word of God in their lives, and everyone needs to understand when God speaks. Regardless of critics and those who might believe that the KJV is "protected" by special dispensation, I believe God intends for everyone to understand his Word and live by it. For that reason, I'm in the process of adding an updated King James Version (2017), which is further updated for use on this website. The "Translator" for the UKJV is a computer program (written by someone else) which was used to update specific words by compararing them to the meanings found in Strong's Concordance.

In addition to that UKJV Translator program, I have written my own computer program to generate the Bible on these web pages, which also adds links, photos, videos, and comments, and replaces other specific words with today's English equivalent. Further refining of the web pages and text will continue, while great care is taken to preserve the sentence structure and original meaning. The Beta version is now online and looking great.

What will be added: This edition will be an illustrated version, but not a "Children's Bible." I plan to add at least one photo (maybe more) to each chapter to illustrate the content of each chapter. Since this Bible exists on the internet, I'm also adding links to videos (from church websites, YouTube, etc.) which help comment on the verses and chapters. At the end of each verse, I've programmed a link to either Word Documents or Adobe PDF documents as verse by verse commentaries, in addition to the already existing Matthew Henry's Complete Commentary located at the top of each chapter. All these linked documents do not yet exist. That's where YOU come in...

This is my plea to pastor and lay ministers everwhere: HELP US! Please help add commentaries to the Bible by sending your verse by verse comments for specific verses in an email to You can send a PDF or DOC attachment, or just type an email. (Any photos used must be copyright free.) Remember to add a note specifying the reference for your comment.

View the Welborn Illustrated Bible (Updated KJV).


The Heartbeat of Every Church

The BaptistInfo Missionary Directory is a free list of unaffiliated Independent Baptist missionaries who need the support of local Independent Baptist churches like yours. Please take the time to write and find out what's going on in their field of labor. Matthew 28:20. They need our support and encouragement both on the field and off.

Directory Database Available

The BaptistInfo Church Directory Database (which is used to create the Directory on this website) is now available for download. Almost 9300 Independent Baptist Churches are listed. The same information you can access online on almost 9300 individual pages is included in the Database in one convenient file. Information includes all church's addresses, over 3200 email addresses, plus pastor's names, phone numbers, website addresses, and some other information such as service times. The Database is now available for download for only $29.95 and can be imported into just about any data processor such as Microsoft Excel, Access, and many other data processing programs. To keep in touch with churches and pastors nation-wide and even world-wide, CLICK HERE to Download your Database today! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


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